Another LP (long play) edition coming your way! In today’s video, I’m once again on my way to Yokohama for another dinner date in China Town. On the way to Yokohama, I talk about the vehicle inspection process that I went through in September 2020. The Shaken (車検) process is basically a (weight) tax system as well as an inspection platform to require personal vehicles to be inspected every 2 years and commercial vehicles each year. I cover the costs and process for a regular car, which is significantly cheaper to do on your own instead of paying a shop or dealer to handle. (Plus you don’t have to give up your car for 3-5 days!)

Here are some links for stuff I talked about in this video:

Shaken (車検):

Shaken Reservation Page:

Shaken Required Documents:


Jibaiseki/Liability Insurance (自賠責保険) Explained: (Thanks APEXMOTO!)

Quad Lock Vibration Accessory:

Call of Duty Warzone:

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