Join me once again in Shizuoka, starting out from Tokyo and heading south and west towards Shizuoka via the Shutoko, Tomei and Shin-Tomei highways. Our destination is a small family owned ramen shop in a small town about 1 hour north from Hamamatsu. We also stop by a local country road station that features products and produce made by the local community of Yokokawa. This video ran a bit long, but I think getting the whole part of this trip in this one video was necessary. Apologies for some of the audio quality – some videos was taken with my iPhone, which had its cover on and therefore destroyed the audio. Thanks for your patience if you made it all the way through the entire video.

Ramen: 800 Yen
Highways (x4): ~9,000 Yen
Gas (3): ~3,000 Yen
Getting my favorite Ramen: Priceless

[No, the ramen itself wasn’t 10,000 yen. :P]

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